The Importance of Web Accessibility in 2021: A Complete Guide to Designing Accessible Websites

In this age of technology, web accessibility has become an increasingly important topic. Accessible design means that people with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities can access and navigate a website with ease. It’s not only a matter of inclusivity but also a legal requirement for businesses. According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), websites must be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. In this blog post, I will discuss why web accessibility is so important, its benefits, and six critical steps to making your website accessible.

Understand your audience

Before you start designing your website, you need to know who your target audience is, their challenges, and how they use the web. People with disabilities may use assistive technologies such as screen readers, captioning tools, or voice recognition software to access the internet. Knowing your audience’s needs will help you create a website that can cater to all audiences’ needs.

Choose the right colors and fonts

Contrast is crucial for users with low vision to differentiate the text from the background. Use a high-contrast color scheme and avoid color combinations that might cause discomfort or difficulty for visually impaired users. Also, choose sans-serif fonts, as they are easier to read than serif fonts.

Make navigations easy and straightforward

A clear and straightforward navigation structure is essential for all users, especially those with disabilities. Use headings, subheadings, and breadcrumbs to provide context and help users navigate through your website. Also, ensure that keyboard navigation is as accessible as possible.

Make images and multimedia accessible

Adding alt text to images helps visually impaired users understand what the image is about. Captions and transcripts for video and audio content is also a must. Adding sign language or audio descriptions to videos can be very helpful for people with hearing impairments.

Ensure forms are accessible

Forms should be easy to read, with clear labels and instructions, and the ability to navigate using a keyboard. Adding an option to have the forms read aloud for users with vision impairments is another useful feature that will enhance user experience.

Test your website for accessibility

The final step is to test your website for accessibility. Use accessibility testing tools and get feedback from people with disabilities to ensure that your website meets accessibility standards.


In conclusion, web accessibility is a crucial element of web design that provides equal access to all users, regardless of their physical limitations. Designing an accessible website not only ensures legal compliance but also improves user experience, increases your website’s traffic, and boosts your brand reputation. By following the six steps discussed in this article, you can make your website accessible to everyone. Remember, an accessible website means that people of all abilities can enjoy your website’s content and engage with your brand, creating a better experience for all.

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