Exit Rate

Understanding Exit Rate in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, measuring website traffic analytics is crucial in determining how to improve a website’s performance. The exit rate is one of the metrics used in website analytics that measures the percentage of visitors who leave a website after visiting a specific page. Although it may seem like a negative metric, understanding exit rates is essential in identifying website weaknesses and creating a better experience for visitors. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into what exit rates are, how they differ from bounce rates, and how to use them to improve website performance.

Exit Rates vs Bounce Rates

Exit rates are often confused with bounce rates. While they may seem similar, they measure two different things. An exit rate measures the number of visitors who leave a website from a specific page, while a bounce rate measures the number of visitors who leave a website without visiting any other page. A high bounce rate could indicate that visitors didn’t find the information relevant or engaging, while a high exit rate could indicate that visitors may have found the information helpful but are leaving the specific page to continue on their browsing journey. Therefore, it is essential to measure both metrics to get a clear picture of the visitors’ behavior.

How to Determine Exit Rates?

To calculate exit rates manually, you take the total number of exits and divide it by the total number of page views. For example, if a page was viewed 100 times, and 30 people exited, the exit rate would be 30%.

Now, you might be wondering if every high exit rate is bad. The answer is not necessarily. A high exit rate may indicate that visitors found the page they were looking for and are off to continue browsing their needs, or it could mean they found what they were looking for on that specific page and no longer required further browsing. However, a high exit rate in combination with a high bounce rate may indicate a low-quality page that needs improvement to retain visitors.

Using Exit Rates to Improve Website Performance

Knowing the pages with high exit rates allows you to identify weaknesses in the website that need improvement. You can then use this data to adjust the page layout or content, making it more engaging and informative for visitors. For example, you can add a call-to-action button on the page, distracting visitors from leaving by showing them more content relevant to their interests. Alternatively, you can optimize the content by adding visuals, links, or videos that will keep visitors engaged for a more extended time.


The exit rate metric provides valuable insights into the visitor behavior on your website. High exit rates do not necessarily equate to negative aspects of a website but can help identify areas for improvement. Analyzing exit rates, alongside bounce rates and other website metrics, can help digital marketers understand visitor tendencies better, identify the weak points, and ultimately create a better website experience for visitors.

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