Fixed width (layout)

Why Fixed Width Layouts are Important in Web Design

Web design has come a long way since its inception, but one of the most fundamental aspects of web design is how a web page layout is designed. A fixed width layout is one of the most popular web page layouts out there, and for good reason. In this blog post, we will explore the definition of fixed width layouts and why they are so important in web design.

Control Over the Design

One of the biggest benefits of using a fixed width layout in web design is that it gives the designer more control over the design. With this layout, the designer can specify how large the web page is and exactly where elements will appear in it. This level of control allows the designer to create a more cohesive design and ensures that no element is out of place.

Ensures Consistency

Another benefit of fixed width layouts is that they ensure consistency across different screen sizes. A fixed width layout means that no matter what size screen a user has, the design will remain the same. This ensures that the website will always look its best regardless of the device being used to view it.

Better for SEO

Having a fixed width layout can also be beneficial for SEO purposes. Search engines tend to rank websites higher if they have a fast loading time, and a fixed width layout can help reduce the loading time of a website. Additionally, it can help ensure that important content is placed above the fold, which can also improve a website’s SEO ranking.


Fixed width layouts can also improve the accessibility of a website. By having a consistent design, users with disabilities or visual impairments can more easily navigate the website. Additionally, it can help ensure that the content is not too small or too large, making it easier for all users to read the content on the page.

Better for Printing

Lastly, a fixed width layout can be better for printing. Since the size of the page is predetermined, it is easier for users to print out the content without encountering any issues. This can be particularly important for websites that feature articles or content that users may want to read offline.


In conclusion, a fixed width layout is an important aspect of web design that gives the designer more control over the design, ensures consistency across different screen sizes, improves a website’s SEO ranking, improve website accessibility, and makes it easier for users to print out content. While there are other web page layouts available, fixed width layouts remain one of the most popular among designers. By using a fixed width layout, designers can create a better user experience and ensure that a website looks its best on any device.

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