Relevance Score

Understanding Facebook’s Relevance Score for Marketers

As a Facebook marketer, you must have noticed a score on your ads referred to as the relevance score. This score is essential in determining the performance and cost of your adverts on Facebook. Facebook’s Relevance Score is not something new to marketers, but to those who are new to Facebook advertising, this might be a foreign concept. Therefore, this blog post will take a deeper look into Facebook’s Relevance Score, how it works, and its relevance to Facebook marketers.

Understanding Facebook’s Relevance Score

Facebook’s Relevance Score is a metric that Facebook uses to gauge the performance of an ad based on how likely it is to be clicked on, shared, or acted upon by your target audience. The score ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score your ad can receive. The aim of the score is to save time and costs by ensuring that the ads that get placed on Facebook are the ones that will most likely reach the targeted audience.

Relevance Score vs. Ad Quality Score

It’s critical to note that Facebook’s Relevance score is not the same as Ad Quality Score. Relevance Score focuses more on the ad’s performance, while Ad Quality Score center on the user experience. A high Ad Quality greatly influences a high Relevance Score. However, having a high Relevance Score doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a high Ad Quality Score. Therefore, when creating your ad, ensure that you strike a balance between the two metrics.

Factors that Influence Your Score

Facebook takes various elements into account when calculating Relevance Score. These include; your target audience, ad engagement rate, ad click-through rate, and ad relevance. Consequently, if your target audience heavily engages with your ad by liking, sharing, or commenting, this positively influences your relevance score.

The Importance of the Score to Marketers

Relevance score is a critical figure for marketers. A high score means that you have a higher chance of your ad performing well and getting the targeted ROI. Additionally, a higher relevance score lowers your ad’s CPC and increases your ad’s relevance within Facebook’s algorithm. Therefore, Facebook recommends advertisers to aim for a score of seven or higher to help ensure that their ads are performing well.

How to Improve the Score

Improving your relevance score helps to increase your ad’s performance and keep your ad costs low. To improve your score, you need to ensure that you’re targeting the right audience. Provide value to your audience such that they will feel compelled to engage with your ad by commenting, sharing, or liking it. Additionally, ensure that your ad is relevant to the audience and that you have placed it in the right category.


In conclusion, understanding Relevance Score helps you better understand how to create Facebook ads that perform well and reach your intended audience. It requires that you find a balance between Ad Quality Score and Relevance Score, ensure that you are targeting the right audience, and always aim for a Relevance Score of seven or higher. By following these tips, you can be sure of effective Facebook advertising and better ROI.

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