Keyword Research

Best practices of keyword research for your needs

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core task in search engine optimization. When you input a query to carry out an online search you typically use a number of keywords. This is a series of popular or relevant words which relate to your business. So our job is to figure out the keywords that are most likely used by someone conducting an online search, so that these keywords are properly targeted throughout the search engine optimization methods that we implement in your online marketing campaign.

So, by now you surely appreciate the importance of showing up among the top results as otherwise your chances of attracting website traffic are very slim. So the power of keyword research needs to be put to good use so as to improve these chances. To carry out good keyword research one needs to carefully examine the target markets. You need to see the probable words they will use to search for your business, products or services. And, you will need to create content that will be able to satisfy both users’ needs and expectations as well as search engine algorithms.

While all this may seem rather straightforward it most certainly isn’t. And that is where a professional keyword research process should be left in the hands of a specialist. Bremic Digital Services offers various SEO related services, among which keyword research is one of the most important.

We place special importance on niche keyword research and SEO keyword research as we know just how vital it is for your success. Keyword research allows us to understand what people typically search for, and while we carry out this process we also learn important information. For instance we get a better idea of how many people search for certain keywords, and in what kind of format they prefer the information to be presented to them. So keyword research is important from various points of view as it truly allows us to uncover key information and learn tactics which at the end of the day make your website and your content even stronger. That is why keyword research is a central element for strategic SEO.

Many clients have a number of keywords in mind that they would like to rank for. However these need to be substantiated by several other keywords that we can help you come up with. We use specialized keyword research tools that allow us to do this professionally and effectively. We also manage to learn about the average monthly search volume of specific keywords as well as similar keyword variations that will also help you to achieve better results. So we will see to seed keywords, common questions people have and related topics which will ultimately uncover even more keywords.

The process of discovering as many relevant keywords as possible takes time, but managing to include them in an enticing way within your content is even more demanding. However we can see to all this so as to help you achieve better results. You need to appreciate that both high and low competition keywords can prove to be advantageous for your site, and from our experience searching for as many as possible allows us to achieve the best results. Moreover, since we place particular importance on the need to learn about he search volume, we are in a better position to prioritize certain keywords in the content. At the end of the day we will then pick those keywords that are most likely to give your site the best strategic advantage.

This process is more complicated than one might think because it also incorporates SERP features. Besides, as one might expect, the high competition keywords will have a higher search volume, and so the effort needed to achieve organic ranking success is even more demanding. Having said that, one cannot underestimate the less popular keywords. 

Our keyword research process also goes a step further. We like to also take the time to look at your competitors so as to see what they are doing. We also try to figure out how people tend to search by location, or by season. Some of the tactics that we implement include prioritizing on those keywords that your competitors are not currently ranking well for, as well as uncovering those keywords that they are ranking well for and trying to outclass them on those. Seasonal trends may also be somewhat more relevant for some businesses than for others. This also applies to location and region related keywords. These subtler tactics allow us to narrow down your keyword research so as to do even better.

The format that best suits the searcher’s intent also plays an important role in this process.  We are well aware of the Quality Rater Guidelines and other critical details that matter in this field. Our specialist keyword research process also involves analyzing the SERP landscape in order to better gauge this.

We utilize a variety of keyword research tools in order to offer you the best possible keyword research service. We also dedicate a lot of time to discuss all this with each client as we prefer to have him or her understand just what we are doing and how it will all ultimately add up to offer better results.

Bremic Digital Services combines keyword research with other services so as to ensure that the comprehensive service that we offer you truly delivers. Unlike what many tend to think keywords are a critical factor, but you cannot pack your content with a lot of keywords and aim solely for keyword density. The real importance needs to be placed on ensuring that the content is still nicely written and able to offer an interesting read to a human being. You cannot focus on search engines only, as in truth even search engines value well written content. 

So the key to success is to manage to strike the right balance between these two key areas. We can help you do just that. Keyword research will form the foundation of your online marketing strategy, and the campaigns and content that we will prepare for you. We will optimize all these areas so as to ensure that they work together seamlessly to offer you the most effective results.

And as always our services are tailor made for your needs. A keyword research strategy for a small or medium sized business will differ from that of a large enterprise. We have seen it all, and we know what it takes. You are guaranteed a keyword research process that will work well for your business, and that will allow you to find the right keywords for your target audience at the right time. This will then be used in the right ways on your website and other web presences, online advertising campaigns and much more. Just leave it in our hands and you won’t regret it! We know what to do – we can guarantee that!

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