SERM - Search Engine Reputation Management

Best practices of reputation management for your needs
Complete solutions for your brand
  • Analyze search reputation, identify the negative reviews on the web, will compensate them with positive mentions of your brand.
  • Protect your reputation in the search engines, develop an individual strategy to build the company’s look and governance to its users

Competence of the market leaders
  • Consider features of your industry and target audience (user behavior on the network, the procedure for making purchasing decisions), stimulate the natural receiving feedback from customers.
  • Manually check the reviews, as well as the tone and the list of sites for their location (sites with reviews, thematic resources, social networks, directories, forums, blogs).

Security Guarantee
  • We provide transparency at each stage of the work and the results achieved, individual accountability and continuous quality control.
  • We give legal guarantees of non-disclosure of confidential information, including the fact of collaboration.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Your online reputation is of critical importance if you want to do well in this day and age. You need to bear in mind that most of your customers will most likely purchase products or services from you through your website. There are many customers who prefer to get in touch with you through online methods, such as by email, live chat, or on your social media page. Therefore, you need to be present online, and you need to be available as much as possible for your customers.

However, you cannot stop there. You need to work on establishing a solid presence as well as create a good name for yourself in the online world. This is where Reputation management comes into the picture. Bremic Digital Services specializes in various online marketing methods, including reputation management services.

We will help you build your reputation from the ground up, as well as improve your search results, your ratings and reviews, and we will be there for you every step of the way as reputation management revolves around several different areas.

Our consultants will start off by understanding where you stand. You may already have a website but your reputation is not that great. In such a case we will need to start off at reputation repair as any reputation problems will need to be addressed. On the other hand we may need to start completely from scratch as you may not even have an online presence. In that case we will take care of your website design, and then move on to more comprehensive online marketing methods which will include reputation building.

Each of these cases requires a great deal of work and plenty of attention. We understand that every client is different from another. Hence we do out very best to offer customized services so as to ensure that over time you will manage to obtain the desired results.

Let us go into some more detail about our reputation management services so as to give you a clearer idea what we shall be assisting you with.

  • Reputation repair – you may not have been doing such a great job in your online endeavours. You may have been rather inefficient in replying to customers who contacted you online. You might not have taken the time to address any unsatisfied customers who contacted you with their complaints or posted negative reviews about your business. Such situations need to be handled professionally as otherwise your online reputation will continue to worsen, and you might end up being avoided by many potential customers. This is obviously detrimental to your business. We can help you at this by improving the online sentiment by means of brand reputation marketing methods. We will work to remove negative search results as much as possible as well as increase your online reviews and star ratings. If there are any articles on your business we will work to improve them or enhance them. This is a lengthy process but we will manage to make positive content for your business rank higher and over time your current negative reputation will improve considerably.
  • Reputation marketing – this is a phase whereby we shall combine reputation management with brand building. This includes promoting positive content about you from third parties, mainly from online reviews and social media posts. We aim to proactively enhance your brand reputation as well as manage to improve your brand authority. This phase involves several methods which we incorporate in a customized plan for your business. We will take care of your website development as well as online content, marketing and promotion. We will see to article marketing, blog posts, reviews, ratings, business listings, and SEO.
  • Online reviews – online reviews are of critical importance for your reputation online. many customers look up reviews posted by customers in order to decide whether to make a purchase or not. If they see that fellow customers were dissatisfied with your product or service they will most likely not take the risk and buy from you. This is a case which you need to avoid at all costs. If you have plenty of negative reviews you need to do something about it as you will be losing customers all the time. Our review management services form an integral part of our reputation management services. We will see to your reviews on Yelp, Google, TrustPilot and Facebook. We shall monitor online reviews about your business, encourage positive ones as well as catch negative reviews prior to allowing them to leave a bad imprint on your reputation. We make sure that our reputation management is ethical and we do not offer any fake reviews. Our aim is to be professional all the way.

Reputation management revolves around the methodologies of influencing how people think about your brand. You want to instil a good image of your business, that you are a reliable and trustworthy seller, and that they will not be dissatisfied should they buy a product or service from you. Now that search engines are affecting brand reputation, it is even more important to work on reputation management. Our online reputation specialists will work had to change the sentiment portrayed by search engines as it is of paramount importance that it is as positive as possible.

Bremic Digital Services will be improving your online image by removing negative online content about you. This could be on various places such as blogs, review,s and rating sites. We will work on improving neutrality for you by increasing star ratings especially if there are plenty of negative reviews. We shall also be working to reduce search engine friendliness and enhance our brand visibility.

For more information or to set up an appointment so that we may offer you consultancy on our reputation management services, feel free to get in touch with us. Your online reputation is of vital importance for your success – make it work for you, not against you. Contact us today!

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